In Prince of Persia, you must skulk about the underworld dungeons of Persia to stop the evil Vizier from unleashing the infamous Sands of Time upon Persia. Nobody is quite sure what this Sands of Time will do but it's certain that it is not a good thing. You will need fast fingers and a strong mind to complete this game and as you only have 8 minutes to complete the quest, you will need to keep your wits about you. As you explore the passageways, be careful of the many traps that lie in wait for you. Falling blocks, pits, and spikes all await the foolhardy Prince who is unprepared. When dropping down, don't fall too far or else you'll lose health or even die. Use the DOWN arrow to descend slowly and avoid damage. Battle the guards with your sword and keep an eye on your health!

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Avoid the ghosts and eat as much of the stage as you possibly can. Sounds like Pacman right? Well sort of. You only have to eat 80% of the stage to advance though as Pacxon is not quite as hungry!
Space Invaders
One of the oldest Atari games ever made has been reworked into a flash game for internet play. Space Invaders will keep you addicted for hours with its simple yet effective gameplay.
Ms Pacman
You might think the only difference between Pacman and Ms Pacman is the bow and the lipstick but you'd be wrong. Newer stage designs and a fresh new ghost called Sue mean there are more twists than you think on this old classic arcade game!
Asteroids is a great game and an old classic and it's been reworked in flash to take you back to the 1980s and the pinnacle of arcade gaming. Try to achieve the highest score possible by destroying asteroids and enemy flying saucers.
Ladybug Pacman
In Ladybug Pacman, you must aim to get as high a score as possible just like in the other Pacman games. The twist is that you can traverse through green wall segments to escape your pursuers.
Eat all the white pellets before the super crazy ghosts eat you! See how high a score you can obtain by beating as many levels as possible all while dining on the delicious fruit snacks that appear from time to time.
Pacman Killer
Ever wanted to kill Pacman? Well, now's your chance. You are a candy cane colored bouncy ball and you have to bounce off Pacmen to either beat stages in the Adventure mode or to go for best time in Time Attack mode.